Maple View On The Go

Maple View Farm Ice Cream offers catering for weddings, corporate events, retirement parties, holiday parties and special occasions.
From single scoops to banana splits, Maple View Farm Ice Cream can cater the perfect event!
Please email for a quote and availability: [email protected]

Include in your email:
° Event Date
° Event Time- (Serving Time & Duration)
° Event Location
° Approximate Guess on Number of Guests
° Your Name & Phone Number
° Please Include- Catering as your subject line

Labor Charges may apply as well as travel


Catering Ideas

Cup & Cone Party —
Perfect for any event. Birthday Parties, Weddings, Retirement Parties, etc.. Maple View Ice Cream can serve single, double or triple scoops of ice cream in cups or cake cones! Waffle Cones may be purchased for an additional charge.

Single Scoops
Double Scoops
Triple Scoops

Ice Cream Sundae Parties:

Single Scoop Ice Cream Sundaes — One topping and garnished with whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry.

Double Scoop Ice Cream Sundaes — Choice of two toppings, whipped cream, cherry and sprinkles.

Double Scoop Deluxe Sundae Bar — 2 scoops of ice cream, buffet style toppings (8 different toppings), we scoop the ice cream your guests top their sundaes!  Each sundae includes whipped cream, sprinkles & cherry!

Go Bananas Party — I Scream, You Scream, Everyone Screams for a Maple View Ice Cream Banana Split Party! Includes three scoops of ice cream, three toppings, whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherries. This is sure to please everyone!

Bulk Options — Purchase your Ice Cream in Bulk (2.5 Gallon Containers) and create your own DIY Ice Cream Party! Each 2.5 Gallon Container of Ice Cream will yield 50 Servings at 4oz each! *There is a deposit on all tubs and lids. The deposit is refunded once the tub and lid is returned to us

Pre-Scooped Options — Pre-Scooped Single & Double Scoop Options are available for bulk ordering. We have the ice cream pre-scooped for you! Place your order and schedule a pick-up date with our catering coordinators! *Double Scoops are done as (2) Scoops of the same flavor. *Advanced Ordering Time Required

*******Maple View Farm Ice Cream L.L.C. does not own or operate a mobile ice cream unit. Triple J Services featuring Maple View Farm Ice Cream products is owned and operated by a longtime customer, Jerry Richardson. This is the same company that owns the kiosk at University Mall and serves Maple View Farm Ice Cream products. For information regarding Triple J Services Featuring Maple View Mobile please contact Jerry Richardson at [email protected]